Are VPS creations instant?

Not at the moment but we do have it planned out, It will be soon.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Our refund/cancellation policy can be viewed here

When will game servers become available?

We are currently working on getting a head count for game servers before we build our infrastructure. We will start off with Minecraft first. Please go here and click "Join Waitlist!" to join the Waitlist for Minecraft if you are planning on running a Minecraft Server.

How can I join the Splicate Discord?

Please click here to join the discord

How do I access my VPS?

Access your VPS from a Windows Computer

1. Search for "Remote Desktop Connection" from your Windows start menu

2. Input your VPS IP (You can see this from the login page)

Access your VPS from your phone

1. Install the official Remote Desktop for Mobile app

Android: Click Here

IOS (Apple): Click Here

2. Click the Plus Icon and then "Add PC"

3. Enter the IP and other information