How to get a FREE Minecraft Server

Minecraft enthusiasts, rejoice! If you’ve ever wanted to run your own Minecraft server but have been deterred by the cost, here’s an exciting opportunity for you. Before July 13th, you can join a special program to get a free Minecraft server as part of a testing phase for a new server hosting service. Whether you’re planning to stick with a free server or eventually upgrade to a paid plan, this is a great chance to get your server up and running with zero initial costs.

How to Join the Free Testing Program

Step 1: Fill Out the Waitlist Form

To be eligible for the free Minecraft server, you’ll need to fill out the waitlist form. This form is crucial as it helps us gauge interest and allocate resources efficiently. You’ll be asked for basic information, including your email address and the plan you’re interested in once the full hosting infrastructure is live.

Important Note: Even if you’re aiming to get a free server now, but plan to pay for a premium plan later, you should select the paid plan option in the form. This ensures you’re considered for the future service you desire, while still qualifying for the free testing phase.

Step 2: Select Your Future Plan

When filling out the waitlist form, you’ll need to choose which plan you’re interested in once the full server hosting service is launched. The options typically include:

  • Free Plan: This is an idea we have for the full infrastructure. it’s not guaranteed yet but we are working on it.
  • Basic Plan (4GB): Ideal for casual play or small communities.
  • Standard Plan (8GB): Suitable for medium-sized groups with additional resources.
  • Premium Plan (10GB): For large communities or intensive gameplay with more significant server demands.

Choosing your future plan is a commitment-free step during this testing phase but important for planning purposes. It does not affect your eligibility for the current free testing.

Step 3: Await Application Review

After submitting the form, your application will be reviewed. Once reviewed, you’ll receive an email with more details about the free server testing phase. This email will include instructions on how to set up your temporary server and any guidelines or limitations during the testing period.

Testing Phase Details

RAM Allocation

The amount of RAM provided for each server during this testing phase will depend on the total number of participants. As more people sign up, the available RAM per server may decrease. This is done to ensure fair distribution of resources among all testers.

While this may limit some aspects of gameplay or the number of concurrent players, it’s still a fantastic opportunity to start building your Minecraft world or test out server configurations without any cost.

Temporary Server Benefits

Participating in this free testing phase is perfect for several reasons:

  • Build and Test: Start building your server now and have it ready for full deployment once the hosting service is fully operational.
  • Experience the Platform: Get a feel for the hosting service, test its features, and see how it handles your Minecraft gameplay. (Note: We have plans of Premium plans for more performance demanding servers, ex. Forge)
  • No Cost Involved: Enjoy a completely free server during the testing phase, with no obligation to continue if you choose not to.


If you’re excited to dive into the world of Minecraft server hosting, this is a golden opportunity to get started at no cost. Fill out the waitlist form, choose the plan that best fits your future needs, and get ready to receive your temporary Minecraft server. This is a limited-time offer, so be sure to act before July 13th to secure your spot in the free testing program. Happy crafting!

For more details and to sign up, visit the official waitlist form.

Important Information on saving server before July 13th

All servers will be wiped on July 13th without notice. Please save your server files before then by saving them directly from the panel or the provided sftp (More info in panel).

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